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Jonas Sela

''At DARYSE we want to give everyone an equal chance to rise!''

Jonas Sella

Jonas Sela 

Founder of DARYSE

Started playing and loving football at the age of six. My first big tournament and the start of getting infected by football fever has been the world cup Italia 90 when Germany won the title. And yes, I also had my superstars – Bodo Illgner, the German goalkeeper, and Roberto Baggio, the young Italian striker.
Since then, I had always that dream, that deep desire of becoming a professional football player – my whole life. And luckily I was gifted to spend almost 10 years in that circus called professional football and was under contract with clubs like FSV Mainz 05, MVV Maastricht, Spvgg Bayreuth, and Fortuna Köln. Can I share some learnings? What do you need to get there, to stay there? Definitely! Passion, Intensity, Decency, work ethic  - and a network, of the right people. People who believe in you and people that you can trust. People who can support you and that crazy game. And we bring these people together, for those who dare to rise!

How it started

It started in March 2020. I was discussing with a friend, what's needed to become a professional football player and to be able to stay at that level! But it was also a time when covid started, so in between, there were discussions about topics like travel restrictions and digitalization. Talking about these topics, the idea for a platform, where a player can show his skills and connect with officials, was born! 

I spent the next months researching, talking with people, and trying to find the right information. After long research, I understood. I must have a software expert to be a co-founder!

Finally, in the late summer of 2021, I met two amazing people, Moamen and Christian. They also thought that idea was brilliant and we agreed on the famous Nike statement (let's) just do it!

On 29. October in 2021 the company was officially registered!

*Moamen - software expert.

*Christian - former professional football player.

*Officials - Agents, scouts, and coaches.

Our vision

Many challenges and problems obstruct even the most talented athletes from pursuing their dream. From lack of viable and targeted networking options to appropriate coaching and feedback. Many players all around the world remain unseen and undeveloped.

DARYSE provides the possibility to communicate and be visible to the sports community. Our goal is to build the biggest sports community in the world, where your talent could be seen by experts from all around the world. 

For those, who dare to rise!

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