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Who this platform is geared towards:
Athletes who want to make their talents visible and Scouts looking for said athletes.

What this platform offers:


Access to the global sports community, uploading and sharing your own content regarding your athletic skills and the chance to be seen by scouts and officials from around the world

What DARYSE offers coming soon:

DARYSE will allow you to analyze your own content, figuring out your strengths and weaknesses as well as the areas in which your potential is strongest. You'll finally know where to start and what to do - and you will get your chance to rise.

What you need to participate:

All you need is a phone and a solid Internet connection. It really is that simple.

What you can share on DARYSE:

Your player profile with important basic information - from height to weight to position within a team - functions as a baseline. On top of that, you are free to upload personal highlights and videos of your skills to be visible to the right people: From scouts to agents to fans!

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